Consultancy and Participatory Training for International Development

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Capacity building

We develop skills to empower individuals and organisations to reach their full potential.

Participatory learning

We share experience, tools and resources with development practitioners from different organisations and countries around the world.

Social change

We promote positive behavioural changes and reflective practices that work towards achieving the SDG’s.

The Year of Behaviour Change

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IMA International 40 years of development

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IMA International’s Facebook Group is our way of connecting with you on a personal level, sharing with and learning from each other. We also have other groups that are specifically focused on our courses and other topics too, so please check them out if you want to get more involved.

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If you are part of the international development community, this group facilitates communication, collaboration and networking with others. IMA International is an international development business specialising in capacity building worldwide.

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Trusted by many great organisations

We work with all types of local, national and international development organisations across all sectors including; UN Agencies, Non-Governmental Organisations, Academia and the Public and Private Sectors.
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Latest News

Capacity Development for FAO Capfish Capture

IMA international has an on-going project with FAO Capfish Capture in Cambodia, to enhance organisational capacity development. This project aims to benefit management and senior government staff in fisheries administration...

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"The training opens up many new doors of thinking in my mind".
"My experience with IMA at Brighton, UK is memorable. I shared experiences with eight colleagues of six nationalities and became friends. I now have newer skills to handle my job in Nigeria".

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