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A strategic evaluation for Sightsavers in Guinea

We completed a strategic evaluation for Sightsavers in Guinea. The main focus was to evaluate two projects in Labé and Boké regions. All Sightsavers interventions in these two regions try to address the strategic objective of Strengthening Health Systems with a focus on non communicable diseases and neglected tropical diseases. The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the contribution of the Sightsavers programmes. This evaluation was conducted using a mix of methodologies and techniques for gathering data and a range of participatory tools were used.  To ensure reliability of data and information both quantitative and qualitative methods were used during the field work using these tools:

1.    Timeline exercise
2.    Focus group discussions
3.    Key informant interviews
4.    Formal and informal interviews
5.    Theory of Change approach
6.    Social and activity mapping
7.    Direct observation (reality check)
8.    Cases study
These tools allowed the evaluation team to have a variety of information from different and verifiable sources. All the collected data was double checked with primary sources (where available) like project documents, annual report and the Monitoring and Evaluation system in place.

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