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About us

Innovative, Inclusive and Inspiring Change

We strive to be a leader in providing innovative consultancy methods and interactive and participatory training that appeals to and supports professionals in the humanitarian and development sectors. We create innovative solutions with our clients through facilitating honest and meaningful conversations in an inclusive and safe space. Sharing of experience and knowledge between people and sectors can help find new solutions to current challenges and inspire change in organisations.

Who we work with

We primarily work with government ministries, INGOs, NGOs, Research Institutes, UN Agencies and the Private Sector to build capacity and make positive behaviour change.

We believe in working with development practitioners worldwide to develop their potential to make a difference to the people they serve.
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When given the opportunity to re-think their own projects through the Theory of Change methodology, there were many “ah-hah!” moments in the room. Participants who were struggling to convert their desire to bring about change into practical and realistic activities were greatly helped. The whole group was both inspired by and grateful.

Vaughan Jones


Our Training

We offer the best training, facilitation and capacity development consultancy to government ministries, INGO’s, research institutes and UN agencies and the private sector to build capacity and make positive behaviour change.
Through our experience, we understand the challenges development organisations encounter. With the diverse mix of people across different sectors joining on our participatory training courses, you’ll find common experiences as well as new ideas to share and take back to your workplace.

Our experts are both trainers and consultants, using their considerable experience of real contexts and knowledge of the latest thinking on development topics and best practice, to apply principles and techniques into our training. From value of ideas creates innovation.
IMA International supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
IMA International continues to promote the values that Ian strived for, of real participation and the creation of a warm social scene for all.

Our Values

We are a value-driven organisation; employees can find alignment between their personal values and the organisation’s values creating a unified and motivated workforce.

Our values are lived and shared with all of you – we want to be innovative, inclusive and inspire change – that’s what we are about and always have been. You can still be sure of participation being strong in all that we do going right back to the start of IMA’s journey. Whether it be online or face-to-face open courses, tailored programmes or consulting, we will keep you engaged and learning, encouraging you and all those around you to change behaviour for the better and make our purpose shine through, giving more positive energy and focus to all our work.

Our History

Ian MacDonald founded the company 'Ian MacDonald Associates' in 1983 which became IMA International in 1992.

Ian stayed in touch with us through the years, often joining the groups on social events. He was delighted that his organisation grew into a leading training and consultancy provider in the development world. In September 2006, Ian passed away and many of our alumni sent their condolences to us and his family.

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