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Continuing Professional Development

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We are a member of The Continuing Professional Development Certification Service. We are committed to supporting people to develop skills and gain new and inspiring knowledge. Find out more here.

Using CPD – Continuing Professional Development as a way of recording newly acquired skills and identifying areas in your knowledge where further development may help you, is becoming more and more popular with employers and those wishing to keep up with the latest innovations in their profession. It enables you to plan and structure your training in specialised subjects and broaden your abilities and knowledge.

How do you start a CPD profile?

Creating a CPD profile begins by evaluating your current situation and setting realistic career goals. Think about where you would like to see yourself within the next few years and establish viable objectives accordingly. After which, you can begin CPD activities, ensuring you keep a detailed record (and evidence) of everything you do along the way. This profile can be a simple document that you create for yourself or your employer/professional body may have a procedure in place for you to follow.

IMA is a registered training company with cpduk.co.uk and our Knowledge Management and Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) courses are fully accredited. This means these courses have reached the required standards and benchmarks and the learning values have been evaluated to ensure integrity and quality.

Our online Knowledge Management and MEAL courses will take around 30-40 hours to complete including attending the live webinars. On our final evaluation form, you will find a section where you can declare how many hours you spent on the training and alongside your IMA certificate, CPDUK will then award you with a further certificate stating your completed hours.

Humanitarian Leadership Academy - HPass

What is HPass?

HPass enables humanitarians to gain verifiable evidence of their skills and experience, in the form of digital badges. Users set up a myHPass profile on which to store and display their badges, maintained throughout their careers as they move between roles and organisations. They are able to collect badges issued by multiple organisations across the sector.

Why digital badges?

Digital badges offer an online record of your achievements. You can share your badges and profile on social media, as a link on your CV, or as a QR code. As automated shortlisting processes increasingly become the norm, digital badges ensure your achievements are visible online. Badges contain ‘metadata’ explaining who the badge was issued to, when, and exactly what the person has done to earn the badge.

Why a myHPass profile?

A myHPass profile enables you to store all of your badges together, and you can use the ‘Explore’ feature to discover badges you can earn from a variety of organisations. You can also share your whole profile as a demonstration of your commitment to professional development and continuous learning over time.

Investors in People

Investing in people is important to us. It means being caring, inclusive, sharing our passion for the work we do, willing to adapt and innovate and provide support for our staff, partners, clients and participants to create positive sustainable change. We are accredited by Investors in People and you can find out more here.

Disability Confident

A 'Disability Confident' logo featuring icons symbolising inclusivity and accessibility. It also includes the word committed which indicates the level of progress.
Disability Confident is helping us recruit and retain great people to meet our workforce needs. There are 7.6m working age people who have a disability or health condition. We’re tapping into this talent pool. ‘We’re Disability Confident, are you?
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