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Capacity Development for FAO Capfish Capture

IMA international has an on-going project with FAO Capfish Capture in Cambodia, to enhance organisational capacity development. This project aims to benefit management and senior government staff in fisheries administration throughout Cambodia.

Bee the change you want to see

As part of IMAs year of behaviour change, I am delighted to have a chance to talk about one of my favourite topics – Bees! And how this connects to my other role as the trustee of Swarm Dynamics.

Conversion and revision of ADB IED’s Project Evaluation course 

We all had to change our ways of working and learning during the pandemic and it was both a challenge and an opportunity. Utilising our experience at developing online trainings, the team at IMA assisted the with the conversion and revision of the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Independent Evaluation Department's (IED) Project Evaluation course from […]

Knowledge Management Strategy Development with UNICEF

IMA provided support for development of the UNICEF Thailand Country Office Knowledge Management (KM) Strategy. The goal of the project was to assess and develop the current KM practices in the Thailand Country Office and to support their knowledge culture through creating a KM strategy. To begin, a document review and scoping calls established an […]

Developing a KM Network with ADB

IMA provided support to ADB in the Philippines to develop a business case for creating a Regional Knowledge Management Network. It was important to develop a KM network in the initial research. IMA looked into the existing Knowledge Management networks in ADB and how they function. IMA then assisted in identifying the potential gap that […]

Two stories about financial reserves

Over recent months, whether international development organisations have had enough ‘reserves’ has been a key factor of whether they have been able to continue. Even those that have had reserves, have now largely used these up in order to survive. For many, things are still on the edge but, as soon as possible, we need to repair the damage done to reserves and try, if we can, to build them up. 
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