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Data Analysis and Strategic Thinking Hybrid Training

A hybrid training in data analysis and strategic thinking with the HELVETAS project - Decentralisation and Municipal Support project (DEMOS II) in Kosovo

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IMA International has been working closely with HELVETAS to improve Data Analysis and Strategic Thinking for an important project. This will help HELVETAS deliver their aim of alleviating poverty and advancing human rights

The HELVETAS project, Decentralisation and Municipal Support project (DEMOS II) aims to facilitate Kosovo's transition to a democratic, decentralised state. Municipalities will engage in inclusive governance and deliver effective services aligned with citizens' needs. The DEMOS II team collaborates with central and municipal institutions to enhance the policy framework for transparent and inclusive decentralized governance.

IMA International collaborated extensively with the DEMOS II team, to conduct a Training Needs Analysis, review of DEMOS II documents, and consultations with project staff, to design and deliver a training program for core DEMOS II personnel. This training focused on enhancing skills in strategic planning, critical thinking, and project delivery. It comprised of two online hybrid sessions of three days each, a month apart, with interspersed assignments. During these sessions, DEMOS II staff worked face-to-face, while receiving online presentations and support from the IMA facilitators.

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Data Analysis and Strategic Thinking methods

The training encompassed various techniques. The initial sessions delved into Real-Time Monitoring and Cognitive Mapping (a specialised interview method). The second training was on Theory of Change for Strategic Thinking, Stakeholder and Power Analysis, and using the Most Significant Change technique.  This comprehensive training aimed to build strength of DEMOS II staff in project planning and implementation. It was also intended to foster strategic thinking and analytical capabilities.

Highlights included clarifying the difference between conditions and assumptions and practical applications. This was done through group exercises, and tailored content relevant to participants' needs.

Participants appreciated the combination of theory and hands-on exercises, particularly in applying ToC elements and understanding the importance of assumptions.


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