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Developing a Knowledge Management strategy for BRAC

Actively promoting Knowledge Management (KM) is a new initiative within BRAC, the largest NGO in the world.  The purpose of BRAC’s focus on KM is to maximise collective experience and secure KM resources for BRAC to have greater impact and influence at scale. For BRAC to develop its outstanding work, to conduct renowned international advocacy work and to fully contribute to social development discourse and practice, BRAC needs to become, and be recognised, as an effective knowledge organisation - where KM is mainstreamed, rewarded and celebrated. And where a mind-set of learning and reflection is part of its culture.  We have been called in to help shape,support and promote this active, long-term focus on KM. We recently carried out an initial scoping (interviews, focus groups, workshops) with representatives of different parts of the organisation, from field staff, to operational staff, SMT and ED. In parallel to this process, and feeding into it, we ran a series of workshops to train a cadre of KM officers in key KM concepts and skills. Building on all these voices we have co-created an indicative roadmap to support active KM within BRAC which maximises all the innovations and sharing that already exists. We are now providing remote support and will follow up with more inputs at BRAC later this year.


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