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EAFM training of trainers with NOAA in Hawaii

We actively continue supporting the roll out of an ecosystem approach to fisheries management (EAFM) in the Asia-Pacific region. Since co-developing a training package with a consortium of partners in 2012-13, EAFM training continues to be rolled out in over eight countries in the region. Our dedicated EAFM training of trainers (ToT) has fostered cohorts of national trainers who are now EAFM champions. The latest request for our ToT came from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the US government. NOAA has been a member of the EAFM consortium since 2013, and now wanted to enhance capacity of their CRED staff in facilitation and training skills. Chris and Silvia ran a dedicated ToT for NOAA in Hawaii at the end of June, also for NOAA partners who work in NGOs on various Pacific islands. We also worked with NOAA to better develop the suite for products for the senior-level Leaders, Executives And Decision makers (LEAD). Feedback and monitoring of the Essential EAFM roll out consistently shows that fisheries managers find it difficult to put into practice their newly gained planning and management skills without a supportive policy environment. The LEAD products are being jointly developed by the EAFM consortium to include advocacy, public relations and workshops… a strategy for influencing policy at local, national and regional level. 

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