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How can ToC and KM dovetail to support your organisational strategy?

The work we are doing with AVERT, an AIDS and HIV prevention not for profit organisation in Brighton, is a good example. AVERT called on us to support their thinking process as they develop their next 5-year strategic plan. As a starting point we explored the team’s thinking around AVERT’s work and reason for being: working globally on HIV and AIDS prevention. We discussed the importance of personal and organisational assumptions, highlighting how much we need to be aware of these as they frame our view of reality and of how social change happens. The team have been developing their Theory of Change over the past few weeks and we are now using our knowledge management approach to look at the knowledge (and information, culture, ways of operating) that AVERT needs to access and to provide, both internally and externally, to support and improve the work it is doing. The workshops have enabled the team to articulate their personal perspectives on how the organisation functions; review operational rationale;  enrich institutional memory and develop new ideas, while all the time fostering ownership of the joint process.


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