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Impact Assessment of Project Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

The ILO has been implementing Gender and Entrepreneurship Together (GET Ahead) courses for women in enterprise in East Asia for some years. As part of its rehabilitation and enterprise development program in Aceh, the ILO recently completed a GET Ahead project with local women and Business Development Service providers. An IMA Consultant was hired to design and develop an assessment questionnaire, train local interviewers, liaise with the data entry team to input survey data into an SPSS database. At the same time the IMA Consultant prepared and conducted in-depth interviews and focus group discussions in Bahasa Indonesian in the field with participating women entrepreneurs and trainers. She also analysed SPSS data and prepared an Impact Assessment report for the ILO.   The ILO intends to use information from the report to guide the further development and empowerment of women in Indonesia.

Project Summary 

This impact assessment was requested by ILO’s Women Entrepreneurs Development (WED) Project in Aceh, Indonesia. The assessment design included triangulation of data sources (from project trainers, women entrepreneurs, and project staff), triangulation of  data methods (field survey, indepth interviews and focus groups), and triangulation of interviewers (trained locals and the IMA Consultant).  The Consultant designed all data gathering methods and managed these procedures, as well as liaising with the SPSS data entry team. Focus Group Discussions and indepth interviews were conducted in the field in Aceh by the IMA Consultant. She also managed SPSS analysis and the final Impact Assessment Report.

Overall aim and objectives of the training / consultancy:

The Impact Assessment of ILO Aceh WED Project had objectives at two levels.
• Assess the impact of WED Training of Entrepreneurs and Trainers, specifying the benefits women entrepreneurs have gained through participating in the training courses, as well as the capacity of the trainers in conducting the WED training courses.
• Provide guidelines and lessons learned for the future roll-out of ILO WED in Indonesia


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