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In loving memory of Orn-Anong Vasuratna

Inspiring and loving

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Sadly, this year, we have had to say goodbye to our friend and colleague, Orn-Anong Vasuratna.

Orn was based in Bangkok and worked with IMA since 2005 as our Thailand course administrator, with unparalleled passion and commitment. Her background was in natural resources and environment, and she also worked in NGOs and the public sector.

Her dedication was more than just a role; it was a reflection of her genuine love for bringing people together, fostering capacity building and learning. She loved working with IMA’s trainers and getting to know IMA participants from all parts of the world.

When Orn was not working for IMA, she worked as a freelance translator and interpreter. She was loved by all those who had the pleasure of meeting her and she will continue to be an inspiration and warm our hearts with every thought of her. Thank you Mama Orn.

Orn once beautifully said:

“I love to see happy faces, the happiness radiating from their eyes - without any need for words. Whenever I witness this joy, I feel even happier than them.”


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