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Know your 'knowledge management' champions

The benefits at the end of our intense, action-packed and reflective four days on Knowledge Management (KM) training are clear: participants have new meaningful friendships; a supportive network; and are more confident in how they can leverage their newly gained skills and insights to develop KM strategies and make a case for KM in their teams and organisations. Our November KM course in Bangkok brought together 12 participants from seven countries and 11 organisations ranging from UN agencies to small business enterprises. It was reassuring for them to discover that despite the variety, many shared common challenges, and the IMA trainers ensured that all could harness the learning from each other’s experiences. We fostered insight and creativity by using the world café method to explore the idea of KM champions, and we witnessed a change in mind sets as participants embraced that mistakes can transform into opportunities. The group also benefitted from a live discussion with a past participant from the Brighton September course to hear how she had put learning into practice. We are hoping to follow up with more knowledge sharing events!

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