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Knowledge Management training in Brussels

This May, we once again headed to Brussels, to the welcoming training space at MSF Belgium to run our Knowledge Management (KM) course. Working with practitioners from INGOs, the UN and the private sector we embarked on a five-day journey that explored KM content, practice, personal beliefs and values, and Brussels sites! We even learned how to make paper origami frogs!

We very much believe that our participatory course is a journey: a journey for each participant to develop their own sense of KM direction for their organisation. Starting with key concepts, we slowly open our eyes to a very broad, conceptual understanding of the function of KM, and then we zoom in on key practices and tools, supporting strategy development. Our journey provides inputs on KM fundamentals; making a case for KM; KM organisational assessments; organisations as networks and core KM tools and practices. To complement, we support participants to work collaboratively on the costs and benefits of (not) doing KM; fostering an enabling KM environment; maximising KM opportunities; working with KM champions and developing KM intentions and plans. All the while tapping into current thinking and providing resources. And we love to invite IMA KM alumni to the course to share their experiences, thus building stronger connections between practitioners.

“Honestly, one of the best courses I’ve attended. Both, content and facilitation very great” - latest KM course participant.

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