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Lego KM creations

Innovation is what we want to promote, and this time on our Brighton Knowledge Management course we tried out using Lego to reflect on the many metaphors that arise during this course.  As we explored the organisational environments necessary for KM, we each built and explained our 'nightmare knowledge organisation', exchanging ideas on the common barriers to knowledge sharing and ways to enable KM.  Armed with these enabling ideas, and with an insight into how organisational assessments can help us identify what is working and ways to improve, we were able to distill the elements of successful KM.  Together we built our ideal Lego organisation where knowledge flows from a fountain, communication channels are open and space exists to reflect and share.  A Skype call with a KM alumnus from 2014 was inspirational, revealing how many KS practices can be achieved and institutionalised in a short space of time.  Our small group really benefited from the honest in-depth discussions, and came away with clear well-thought out plans of action which had been peer reviewed at multiple stages. 

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