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Two stories about financial reserves

Over recent months, whether international development organisations have had enough ‘reserves’ has been a key...

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Remote Participatory Video diagram Ten uses for Participatory Video

Participatory video (PV) is a method of film production in which a group of people...

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Process learning systems for complex projects graphic How Monitoring Data can become useful at the project level

I have been working with IMA international on development of a new online course, so...

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Graphic of data monitoring tools How can M&E and policy work together effectively?

Often, M&E Systems for large organisations, for example ministerial departments, can struggle to ‘touch the...

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Financial graphs on a poster wall Why being financially sustainable is important for organisations, especially in uncertain times?

Sustainability is a buzzword, but what does it mean for organisations? Being sustainable, and especially...

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How can People make Knowledge Management and Sharing Really Work? How can People make Knowledge Management and Sharing Really Work?

There is an increasing engagement and commitment to Knowledge Management (KM) and Knowledge Sharing (KS)...

Category Guest blogs

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