Developing a KM Network with ADB

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IMA provided support to ADB in the Philippines to develop a business case for creating a Regional Knowledge Management Network. It was important to develop a KM network in the initial research. IMA looked into the existing Knowledge Management networks in ADB and how they function. IMA then assisted in identifying the potential gap that ADB’s new Regional KM Network proposal could fill.

Following the research, IMA developed a business case in close consultation with ADB contacts focusing on the capacity for this regional network to be established.

Pen drawing of developing a KM network of people
Developing a KM network

IMA included in the development of this business case the following:

  • why ADB needed to develop a KM network and what benefits could be gained
  • goals and expectations of the network
  • how it could function
  • how membership could be decided
  • key suggested activities
  • a draft initial implementation strategy and timeline.

The main motivation behind the development of this regional KM network was to encourage use of KM so that ADB could improve their efficiency of sustainable development in the Asia Pacific region.

Visit ADB’s website to find out more about them.

You can find out more about developing a KM network on our Knowledge Management training course or by using our Consultancy services.

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