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Online KM training for The Pacific Community (SPC)

Internal Knowledge Management practices

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IMA International tailored and delivered a remote online Knowledge Management (KM) training for The Pacific Community (SPC) staff, based in the Pacific region, to support them in setting up and developing their internal KM practice.

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Internal Knowledge Management

In our work providing an online KM training for The Pacific Community, we supported the setup of an internal KM practice, tailoring and delivering our KM course to SPC staff. It was also key to the success and sustainability of the training, that participant learning was fed back and incorporated into the course.

Institutional memory

With many organisations and businesses beginning to work remotely, knowledge management has never been more important, particularly in creating and inspiring a knowledge sharing culture within organisations and improving knowledge sharing practices between different people.  

One of the challenges that SPC face, and a common challenge in the international development community, is a loss of institutional memory. Institutional memory is the collective knowledge, information, and experience that an organisation retains over time. This knowledge sharing plays a crucial role in guiding future decisions, problem-solving, and maintaining consistency within an organisation. Institutional memory helps an organisation learn from its past, avoid repeating mistakes, and adapt to changing circumstances.

Therefore IMA involved methods and ideas on how to manage this challenge in the training, along with post training recommendations to further develop KM practice within SPC.  

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