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NEF Consulting is the consultancy arm of the UK think tank, New Economics Foundation (NEF). NEF Consulting enables organisations to flourish by highlighting the relationships between social, economic and environmental factors and organisational performance. They help organisations to think differently about environmental and social impact, how they collaborate, interact and make decisions.

New Economics Foundation (NEF) is an independent think and do tank that inspires and demonstrates real economic wellbeing. They promote innovative solutions that challenge mainstream thinking on social, economic and environmental issues.

IMA partners with NEF Consulting to combine their technical know-how with our extensive international development experience to deliver our Value for Money course each year.

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) non profit on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees.

Their projects span the globe and are done in partnership with local communities and knowledgeable experts to create an impact for nature, people, and wildlife. Reforestation helps to rebuild forests after fires and floods, provide jobs for social impact, and restore biodiversity. Many projects have overlapping objectives, creating a combination of benefits that contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. To learn more, visit

We care deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature. That is why we are thrilled to share that we are partnering with One Tree Planted to plant trees all over the world!

At IMA we are always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and try to make our own contribution to the global effort of reducing carbon emissions and looking after the natural environment.

The training is very interactive and you get to know the trainers and trainees very well. The team work is valuable to create good partnerships and hopefully lasting ones. Attended M&E in Development, Brighton
Karen Helsing
, Association of Public Schools of Health
My team and I benefitted greatly from the Solution Focus module [facilitated by IMA]- both professionally and personally. It is clearly a tried and tested tool and set of sessions. The Solution Focus tool is very easy to integrate as part of our daily activities, and will prove a very useful tool going forward. The […]
Corporate Communications Director

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