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Measuring Knowledge Management: Evidence Essentials in Purpose Driven Organisations

by Silvia Capezzuoli and Ruth Jolly

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The key findings

This academic paper proposes a framework for measuring knowledge management (KM) impact in purpose-driven organizations. Unlike traditional KM measurement focused on "proof," ROI, or value for money, these scholars place emphasis on identifying trends and patterns that provide evidence of impact by examining KM impact in various international development organizations.

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Explores measuring knowledge management (KM) in international development, sharing assumptions and experiences
Discusses the trends, challenges, and limitations of current measurement models for KM
Systems thinking and complexity theory are proposed as useful frames for understanding organizations and KM measurement
Suggestions for some practical ideas and approaches for measuring KM impact
Insight from international development practitioners and examples from three organisational snapshots

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Measuring your knowledge management could improve your organisational learning

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