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Participatory ideas and activities for your workshops and training events

A book by Robert Chambers

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This book provides 21 sets of participatory ideas and activities for facilitators, trainers, teachers and anyone who organises and manages workshops, courses, classes or other events for sharing and learning, and in particular for people wishing to approach this in a lively and interactive fashion.

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This book is intended for facilitators, trainers, teachers, and organizers of workshops and courses.
The book includes a collection of 21 sets of 21 exercises and activities aimed at making learning quicker, deeper, enduring, and enjoyable.
Suitable for participatory teachers and trainers, those who want interactive conferences and workshops, and staff in training institutions looking to enliven their courses. It also caters to faculty and teachers in educational institutions who want to promote student-driven learning and analysis.
The goal is for all readers, whether amateurs or professionals, to benefit from trying out and improving upon the ideas presented in the book.
Chambers focuses on activities that create a light and open environment for learning

Participatory workshops by Robert Chambers

A sourcebook of 21 sets of ideas and activities to make your workshops and learning events interactive and engaging

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