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Results Based Management Course in Botswana

In July, IMA completed a successful one week Results Based Management (RBM) course for staff from Botswana's National Strategy Office (NSO), and two of its partner organizations: the Public Service College (PSC) and the National Productivity Centre (NPC).

  Four officials had already attended our scheduled courses on Results Based Monitoring and Leadership over the previous two years. The intention of this tailor-made follow up was to extend capacity to introduce and operate a results-based system in the President's office, and to lay the foundations for RBM to be rolled out throughout the government system as a whole. Basic introductions to RBM principles and techniques were combined with a series of exercises designed to determine how performance data is currently collected, processed and utilized; and then to chart a way forward. Participants responded enthusiastically, and whilst much remains to be done, a good start has to be made. We look forward to providing further support as the process moves forward. We will be returning to Botswana in November in order to continue our work with the National Strategy Office.



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