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Coaching and Mentoring

We promote coaching and mentoring because both processes reflect our own values: future and solution focused, relational, challenging and reality based, and bring about positive behaviour change.

Effective coaching results in broadening skills and increasing performance – so that clients can contribute more positively and productively.

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We are keen to develop potential and are attentive to alerting people to all sorts of opportunities to develop their skills, confidence, work contribution and careers. Our coaching support is offered as a one-to-one service to help development practitioners (senior leaders, managers and staff) inspire and be inspired, improve their performance, overcome challenges and motivate their teams.
Long term and on-going support
Self reflective
Offers news perspectives

Our mentoring support at IMA takes several different forms. It is all about providing the right path for an individual to support their development and for them to progress in their work, life, career decision.

We see mentoring as a process to support professional development, where we provide a trusted advisor who assists faster learning. We will focus on the mentee’s agenda and share wisdom and experience with them. Mentoring allows you space and time for thinking, with a clear focus on an issue or goal, specifically, creating an atmosphere to explore challenges, options, make decisions, and plan ahead. We find it is usually more about questions than answers and during this we provide quality listening.

We will offer confidential advice as needed, leaving the responsibility for action with the mentee. We believe that everyone has unlimited potential and usually knows what needs to happen or change and our mentors want what is best for each mentee. The important things happen after the mentoring.

  • special opportunity to commit to assessing how we see the world
  • how that view serves us or not, and how we can actively develop
  • to be more effective in our roles and as people
  • when you need help to identify goals and actions
  • accelerate your personal development to reach your full potential
  • increased effectiveness of training when used as a follow-up to consolidate learning

Learn in a way that suits your situation.

Find out more about our delivery methods:
Face to face learning
Online learning
Blended learning

Your questions answered

Yes. Many organisations are training their managers to be in-house coaches. When managers learn coaching skills, it helps them to transform their people management style, unlocking the potential of their reports and so leading to increased productivity and morale.
Our coaches have experience in designing and implementing in-house coaching programmes and have a proven coaching toolkit to make it easy to train your managers in how to become coaches.
Coaching by phone provides three key advantages over face-to-face coaching:

• It allows full access to professional coaches at a time that is mutually convenient to both you and the coach. This is especially helpful when you have heavy programme or travel commitments.
• It provides a degree of anonymity, which enables the client to reflect in a calm environment on the coaching input. Our coaches are fully experienced in working over the phone to establish rapport quickly and understand the coaching goals you have.
• It enables us to keep the cost of coaching down, since we do not need to take into account the time and cost of travelling to a specific venue.

If you’d prefer a face-to-face discussion, we can arrange this. Please call us to discuss options.
With coaching, you have a professional expert focused entirely on your specific needs, so you can make rapid progress on the areas which are most important to you. The high quality, objective and immediate feedback you receive as you discuss your ideas will help you make a dramatic change in your personal insight and perspective.

In fact, coaching and training go very well together. Training provides great opportunities to learn new skills and meet with others. People who receive coaching after a training course find they have a much greater success rate in applying their new skills in the workplace.

Our coaching options mean that you can adapt your spending to your budget. You can take an Individual Session to address a specific topic, or you can have a Personal Programme or Organisational Programme to give you a series of coaching sessions at budget prices.
Each client and organisation is unique, so we design and tailor coaching for your particular needs and goals. Success in coaching depends on having a high level of trust in the relationship, so before your first coaching session you have a free introductory session to talk about your goals, how coaching works and to make sure your coach is a good match for your particular needs. We follow the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics so your coaching relationship will be confidential and professional at all times.
Having a professional coach to help you focus on achieving your goals is very empowering. Typical ways in which coaching helps include:

• Accelerate your personal development to reach your full potential
• Boost your existing skills and learn new ones to become more effective
• Use communications skills more effectively to win the hearts and minds of your staff
• Get a fresh, independent perspective on organisational issues
• Get focused, confidential support on your personal challenges
• Regain your work-life balance
• Manage your career choices
As individual performance and motivation increase, productivity improves across the organisation:

• More innovative and sustainable strategies
• Better use of time leading to improved efficiency
• More capable of overcoming challenges
• Healthier, happier and more committed teams
• Quicker and better decision making
• Increased effectiveness of training when coaching is used as a follow-up to consolidate learning
• Visit the coaching page of our website.
• Fill in an application form. This lets us know what you’d like to talk to the coach about, so we can choose a coach for you and put you in touch with them.
• We will send you a copy of our Coaching Code of Ethics and a Pre-Session Questionnaire to fill in.
• The coach will contact you to arrange your free introductory session. In this session, the coach will clarify your goals and explain how coaching works, so you can both be sure the coaching relationship will work well. This is your opportunity to ask any questions about coaching.
• We’ll send you (or your sponsor) the coaching contract and our invoice. Once we receive payment, you’re ready to start the coaching.
Experience tells us that 50 minutes on the phone is the optimum time for you to get the most benefit from the conversation you have with your coach. Many people find it is difficult to focus for longer than 50 minutes. We allow up to 10 minutes for the phone connection to be made so the 50 minutes is focused entirely on you and your goals.

We understand that you may have complex demands on your time and so we can offer sessions of different lengths; if you’d prefer to have a longer period please let us know. For face-to-face sessions, it is common to have a longer period, and this is reflected in our price structure.
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Why not call and speak to a member of our team. We are always delighted to talk with past or potential clients, and we can talk with you about your specific interests and questions.
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