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A key part of the work we do is fostering and supporting positive change with our clients. We provide consulting services to support your team, help you gain insight in your projects and organisation, and work towards collective agreed action. Our worldwide network of highly skilled consultants bring a wide range of field and academic expertise, are sensitive to your context and encourage positive behaviour change.
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Our consultation services cover development themes including;
- Food and nutrition systems
- Ecosystem management
- Sustainable organisational development
- Knowledge management
- General capacity development processes and services.

We have an excellent worldwide network of highly skilled consultants, so please do get in touch to see how we can help support your needs
Focused and specific to your organisation
60% of our consultancy work comes from recommendation
We can offer:

• Ecosystems Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM)
• Strategic thinking and planning
• Developing theories of change
• Participatory facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes
• Training of trainers
• Capacity building
• Organisational assessment
• Designing MEAL and organisational learning systems
• Real time monitoring system development
• Evaluation
• Designing and reviewing education/training programmes both online and face to face
• Field or desk based research and reporting

Learn in a way that suits your situation.

Find out more about our delivery methods:
Face to face learning
Online learning
Blended learning


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