With effective facilitation, reflection, learning and creativity through the safe expression of opinions, views and perspectives your organisation can work together better, gain clarity on common objectives, and help move your processes forward.

We offer neutral, customized and supportive facilitation services to guide and support change processes. With skilled guidance, we carefully manage dialogue to encourage full participation, to help your group to commit to meaningful results and positive solutions, with a strategy developed to help encourage the behaviour change and ownership of outcomes.

Encourage a safe, neutral space for discussion

Share ideas and thoughts for team and organisational development

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“From the first day we felt like we really know ourselves, the facilitation approach really helped us to interact quickly, learning by practicing”.
Sandrine Mefire Njifakue, UN Coordination Analyst & UNCT SDG’s focal point, United Nations Cameroon

Learn in a way that suits your situation.

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We offer neutral, customized and supportive facilitation services to guide and support change processes. With...

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I hope this finds you doing well. Samuel and I really enjoyed and learned a lot from our VfM training in Cape Town last December. We just finished up our review by DfID and we were able to use our knowledge from the training to address VfM questions and comments. We are now interested in […]
Suan Hanson, PEPE Director of Operations and Finance
, DAI consultancy
The IMA facilitators are excellent and rich in their experiences, this is such a valuable training.
Leanard Kiza

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