Training of Trainers

We can provide a Training of Trainers (ToT) linked to specific skill sets. A ToT will build a core team of trainers within an organisation or project (sometimes across several organisations). A typical ToT course will include adult learning and learning styles in general, facilitation techniques for online and face to face workshops, practice of running a mini session, and the importance of energisers.

Learn training techniques with your peers. Be clear about course design, facilitation, and monitoring. Put behaviour change as your goal as a trainer. You will learn how to make sure learning is embedded, monitor training, and focus on the behaviour change needed for full impact. You will walk away knowing more about being a change agent within your organisation or team and being particularly aware of what you can and cannot influence and how to do that. Action plans at the end help you progress after the event, and we can provide trainer coach support as required.



Builds capacity

Learn in a way that suits your situation.

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Training of Trainers

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I would like to take this opportunity to share my experience on the learning outcomes from IMA International Knowledge Management training that I attended last year at Brighton. Following the training, I have been working with my colleagues at GIZ Governance Programme in developing a knowledge management platform at the programme level (internal). Once the […]
Tariq Afridi, Advisor Communication and Civic Education
I really enjoyed the programme. It’s actualy experience sharing, very educative and motivating, with participants from diverse races.
Rilwanu Usman Argugun
, Bernin Kebbi University

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