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Summary of Leadership and Management training in Brighton

‘The course has exposed me to so many areas of leadership and management and equipped me with the right tools to make a difference in my organization. I am more energized to make a difference and work with my team to achieve better results. The IMA experience is worth having and I recommend it to all managers and leaders’  

‘I enjoyed every bit of my experience at Brighton’

Two weeks have passed since our group of accomplished decision-makers from the development sector completed IMA’s most recent course on Leadership and Management in International Development.

We felt privileged to tackle and explore current issues with these participants as we facilitated 5 days on management and leadership in Brighton’s summer sun. Two new field visits added extra value.

First, our thanks to Kineo who hosted us for a stimulating meeting on online learning in leadership development – with some hands-on trialling of modules. Kineo are pioneering effective elearning programmes through an international team of award-winning designers and developers.

An hour’s session in Brighton’s Escape Room gave us an exciting and charged experience of putting team work and leadership skills to the test – in a decorated escape room, conjuring up the Royal Palace in the early Victorian era. Trying to escape within the designated hour, participants needed to apply all they’d learnt earlier about elements of leadership and successful teams. We escaped with seconds to spare, exhilarated to realise how much we’d applied.

Over the week, each participant related to the results of their own individualised leadership profiling tool. Inputs on management and leadership theory were integrated with exercises on participants’ real management challenges under observation and with feedback. Participants faced the reality of current global sustainability issues, enquiring into what leadership and organisations are being called to be. And were introduced to a range of practical tools, leaving confident to know how and where to apply them.

‘The course will make me not only an effective and result-oriented leader but more importantly, help me to know myself better and how my team are possibly seeing me’

We finished on a note of respect and camaraderie, consistent with the whole week.

‘I am grateful for the insight into what my colleagues at the course are doing in their workplaces’

The knowledge, experience and behaviour of both facilitators was fantastic’

Each participant gained an internationally recognised certificate and strong connections with their peers. And they are now connected into the wider cohort of IMA alumni and linked up with our facilitators for support and follow up.

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