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Online KM training for The Pacific Community (SPC)

IMA International tailored and delivered a remote online Knowledge Management (KM) training for The Pacific Community (SPC) staff, based in the Pacific region, to support them in setting up and developing their internal KM practice.

Capacity Development for FAO Capfish Capture

IMA international has an on-going project with FAO Capfish Capture in Cambodia, to enhance organisational capacity development. This project aims to benefit management and senior government staff in fisheries administration throughout Cambodia.

Getting to know Arta Istrefi-Jahja

She is driven and passionate about helping people, in particular providing education and inspiration for younger generations and those who have limited access to education, something her parents taught her from a young age that she feels is now part of her “genetics”. Her father would often say "without education you are just another person with another opinion" - wise words Arta has been influenced by throughout her life, perhaps a reason behind her love of learning and teaching, and that she carries with her in her PhD and in her future goal of becoming a lecturer (more about that later). 

Institutional Capacity Needs Assessment

This assessment was a 60 day consultancy by IMA International, looking at the training and capacity needs for five core Ministries in Bangladesh working to mainstream nutrition in policy and planning. The assignment was completed under the guidance of the FAO Bangladesh, the Meeting the Undernutrition Challenge (MUCH) team, in close consultation and collaboration with […]

LEADers’ in Sudan

The coastal areas of Sudan contain some of the best examples of coral reefs. Alongside ecosystem services, these areas provide sustainable livelihoods for local communities. Balancing these uses needs careful management which can be provided with an Ecosystems Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM) a topic that IMA has been engaged with for many years. We […]

How can we use Leadership for effective change management?

It is always a pleasure working at IMA International when you meet up once again with our open course training Alumni, and an even extra pleasure to be invited to provide a tailor made training for their organisations! This is how were asked to provide a one day Leadership and Change Management workshop for Heads and […]
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