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Data Analysis and Strategic Thinking Hybrid Training

The HELVETAS project, Decentralisation and Municipal Support project (DEMOS II) aims to facilitate Kosovo's transition to a democratic, decentralised state where municipalities engage in inclusive governance and deliver effective services aligned with citizens' needs.

KM and MREL for Health Security

Online tailored training in Knowledge Management and Monitoring, Research, Evaluation and Learning (MREL) for the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

Managing Risk

IMA Tailored Training in Risk Management for the Ministry of Planning and Development, Bappenas, on Risk Management to support Indonesia's development of Major Projects.

Knowledge Management training for the Asian Development Bank

IMA International developed a tailored online Knowledge Management (KM) training program for Asian Development Bank (ADB) staff across five cohorts, as part of the capacity building component of ADB's Knowledge Management Action Plan (KMAP) 2021-2025. The Core Knowledge Management Certification Training consisted of two virtual programs that covered KM core concepts and fundamentals, practices, methods, […]
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