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Ana González Martínez

Course Administrator

Ana is IMA’s Course Administrator. She is originally from Mexico, and loves travelling to different places, meeting and learning from people from various backgrounds. She came to the UK in 2019 to study at the University of Sussex, where she graduated with a degree in Law with International Relations LLB. Her passion for jurisprudence, social justice, and human rights issues led her to study the course and led her to find IMA International. Our focus on international development and our values: helping and empowering people, embracing connectivity and diversity, matched her personal values and interests.  When she is not at the office, Ana enjoys discovering underrated foreign films, experimenting with ingredients in the kitchen and cooking with friends. She also enjoys swimming in the sea when the weather allows and upholding her 500+ day Duolingo streak. 

Ask Ana a question: ana.martinez@imainternational.com

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