Iñigo Retolaza Eguren

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Iñigo’s focus lies on facilitating (un)learning and change processes wherein different types of organisations across sectors are involved: private corporations, donor community, social change and human rights organisations, government agencies, UNDP. Most of this work is embedded in conflictive and complex contexts. Specifically, his work has to do with facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogic processes for crisis prevention, consensus-building, policy dialogue, and policy making among others. Iñigo is also quite active in coaching human rights organisations in Latin American region looking at improving both the organisational performance as well as the social impact of these organisations. He uses different methodologies coming from the participatory action and learning school as well as others which are emerging in recent years and are quite innovative in the region (i.e.Theory of Change, U-Theory, etc.). As a facilitator of multi-stakeholder processes, Iñigo’s main interest lies in action-learning about how to better support complex social change processes using a more collaborative and dialogic approach. He adopts, develops adopts and adapts process oriented methodologies for making these processes more effective and collaborative.

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