Certificate in International Development Management

Are you and your team looking for training in Leadership and Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning (MEAL)? Do you want to travel, meet likeminded development workers to network, share stories and experiences, and learn in a supportive and participatory learning environment with our dedicated team of experienced facilitators? Look no further!

Join us for our 3 – week Certificate in International Development Management course where we combine our popular MEAL training with our impactful Leadership and Management in International Development (LMD) training to create a course that will help you to be an efficient and successful manager with excellent monitoring and evaluation skills so that you can create positive change in your team and projects.


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Why choose this course?

Feel empowered and inspired by our practical approaches to leadership and management, and build up your skills in monitoring, evaluation accountability and learning for positive change, on both a personal, and organisational level. Our intensive and useful certificate course is for you, if you need to implement M&E, make important decisions at a project or programme level, and if you want to make impactful change in your organisation. Our trainers are development practitioners with extensive experience, who  provide an open and engaging learning environment.  You will have the chance to apply new methodologies and learn using practical and real examples, enhanced with thought-provoking discussion and sharing of experience, make this a leading M&E and management training course.

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Travel without the visa stress

We know that travelling can come with the difficult process of visa applications. That’s why we are holding our training in Brighton, Cape Town and Bangkok – so you can get to the easiest place for you (and reduce your carbon footprint too!). The process to obtain a visa to enter certain countries, is often lengthy and cannot be guaranteed.  We are happy to provide support and assistance during the process however we would recommend that you attend our training in the location that will be easiest for you. 

Through a mix of practical activities, theory and case examples you will learn how to:

• clarify key results with results, and logical frameworks

• combine qualitative and quantitative approaches to gather and interpret data

• develop and work with a practical M&E system

• leverage your natural ability to lead and prioritise demands

• understand your learning and leadership preferences and how to adapt them to others’ needs

• analyse your network and prepare for those new conversations that will make a difference

• give and receive feedback

• reflect on you own leadership style and presence

Objectives – MEAL

MEAL fundamentals.• MEAL fundamentals
• results approaches: outputs, outcomes and impact
• relate M&E to your programme and project cycle
• identify stakeholders and their differing needs and roles.
Results framework• work with and beyond Log Frames.
Theory of Change• develop different types of logic models
• approaches to Theory of Change
Log Frames and Results Frameworks• develop indicators at different results levels
• define your assumptions and risks
• identify means of verification
Gathering data and information• quantitative and qualitative approaches and instruments
• data organisation, quality assurance and analysis
• design baseline, evaluation and impact studies
• participatory data collection methodologies
• digital and remote MEAL
Reviews and Evaluations• how to use reviews for agile decision making
• using baseline data
• evaluation types and methods
• developing a ToR
MEAL systems and plans• prepare a tailored MEAL plan
• the complete MEAL system
The learning organisation• use M&E information and evidence for decision-making
• identify ways to foster a learning culture
• become M&E change agents and champions

Objectives – LMD

Setting yourself up for success• the differences between leading and managing
• identify and prioritise demands – what is realistic?
• identify leadership styles
Understanding the power of your relationships and the nature of your motivation• stakeholder and network mapping
• examine motivation
• understand what motivates you and your network
Developing individual and team performance• linking motivation to skill
• holding conversations that matter
• the art of feedback
What makes teams effective• understanding the nature of teams
• characteristics of effective teams and team leaders
Leading into the future• examining power relations
• exploring leadership presence

Course Dates

This course is currently available as a face-to face training in Brighton, United Kingdom, Cape Town, South Africa or Bangkok, Thailand and as a tailored training for organisations. Please get in touch to find out more.

Application Deadline
5 Jun 2023 - 23 Jun 2023
15 Days face-to-face in Brighton
24 Apr 2023
11 Sep 2023 - 29 Sep 2023
15 Days face-to-face in Cape Town, SA
31 Jul 2023
13 Nov 2023 - 30 Nov 2023
15 Days face-to-face in Bangkok
2 Oct 2023

Your questions answered

Are our training courses accredited?

As a training provider our trainings are accredited by HPass. We are also a member of The Continuing Professional Development Certification Service. Find out more about our accreditation here.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes. We offer a 20% discount if you have been on one of our scheduled or Tailored Training courses before, and a discount for organisations who make a group booking.

How do I enroll on a face to face IMA course?

Application Process:

  1. Complete your application form
  2. IMA reviews your application
  3. Your Sponsor confirms budget
  4. IMA receives your payment
  5. Course is confirmed and you receive your Welcome Pack.
  6. Book your flights and accommodation
  7. Course starts


If you have any questions regarding your application or sponsorship, please call IMA International on +44 1273 833030.

1. Once you have chosen your course, fill in our online application, please e-mail us if you have any problems.

2. We will assess your application within 3 days.

3. If you have a sponsor we will contact them.

4. Once we receive the Confirmation of Sponsorship, we send the invoice, acceptance letter and visa support letter.

5. The invoice is paid.

6. We will confirm your course at least four weeks before the start date. Then send a Welcome Pack,for you to go ahead and book flights and accommodation. If we have to cancel the course and you have already paid, we will refund the amount in full.

How do I enroll on an online IMA course?

1: Go to ’’Training’’ , select a course: you can read more about the course here and you can find the application form by clicking on ’’Apply”

2: Send in your application form.

3: IMA’s team will process this within 3 days and send you a confirmation email and invoice, Learning Needs Statement form for you to return before the course starts (this helps our facilitators understand your learning needs) and the Terms and Conditions.

4: Pay your course fee according to the sent invoice.

5: The course is confirmed and the joining instructions are sent one week before the training starts.

I don’t have a sponsor or funding. What should I do?

Most of our participants are sponsored by their organisation. If you do not have a sponsor, you will need to find what funding streams are available to you. Although we look for ways to help participants with the course fees, we regret we are currently not able to offer any form of sponsorship or funding.

What experience do I need to join one of your courses?

Nearly all our training participants work in international development. This includes working for a government, a private company, a non-government organisation, multilateral organisation, a smaller local projects or programme, or as a freelance consultant.

What is included in the face to face course fees?

Included in the course fee is: tuition (presentations, group activities and one-to-one support throughout), a field visit where practical on courses more than five days, a hard copy of training materials (and on USB), course certificate and participant group photo, light refreshments throughout, a social and cultural programme which includes an evening dinner and a 1 to 1 coaching session with a certified coach on our fifteen day courses.

What is included in the online course fees?

Included in the course fee is: tuition (online learning platform, group work, one-to one support throughout), resources and training materials that can be downloaded from our online learning platform, 1 to 1 mentoring session with your trainers 3 months after the training, access to the course and materials for 6 months.

What is the IMA training style?

IMA’s training style is participatory and interactive using a blend of short informative lectures and group work.  Throughout the courses we give participants opportunities to share experiences, exchange ideas and network with other development practitioners.

Have a Question?
Why not call and speak to a member of our team. We are always delighted to talk with past or potential clients, and we can talk with you about your specific interests and questions.

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