Project Monitoring Techniques

This course brings together tried and tested practical techniques to design relevant Real-Time Monitoring systems for adaptive projects and programmes. Alongside innovative, flexible methods for tracking real-time progress, we show you how to analyse and present data to efficiently manage output and outcome progress, to provide quality ongoing formative evaluation for organisation policymakers, and to make evidence-based decisions. Qualitative and quantitative methods will be explored, and their powerful combination utilised. It is essential that participants have a sound existing knowledge of current MEAL practice, and a functional knowledge of basic spreadsheet use (e.g., MS Excel).

Why choose this course?

Do you need help with Monitoring? To help your organisation learn quickly and remain agile? Join our experienced facilitators, and together with a peer group you will apply real time monitoring systems to your own projects, with one-to-one sessions with your facilitators to help develop your systems.  We introduce open exploration using cognitive mapping, use of comparative monitoring in real-time (RTM) at all levels of the results chain, internal reviews for qualitative learning, ongoing, formative evaluation and design and control of systems at lower levels with reflection and guidance from upper levels.

Through a mix of practical activities, theory and case examples you will learn how to:

• useful, practical, real time monitoring methods for the whole results chain

• development of your own monitoring systems, refined during one-to-one session with your facilitators

• a plan to help you and your organisation quickly learn and adapt


Key concepts and the Action Learning Model• recap on key concepts for M&E and an introduction to the Action Learning Model
Understanding context • qualitative Field Interview techniques, the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework and learning about context using Cognitive Mapping and Structural Analysis
Introduction to RTM• real-time monitoring in practice
ATOM Development• activity to Output Monitoring
• breaking down outputs and learning to set progress to time using spreadsheet developments
Outcomes and Impact with Weighted Indexes• developing systems for monitoring higher level results using Weighted Indexes (WEDEX)
Calibrated Judgement Scales• development and use of Assessment Sheets, Precision Tests
• survey scoring, recording and analysis
• calibrated Judgement Scales (CAJUS) with case studies
Theory of Change Overview• develop a logical, reflective model of change so that detected failures can be dealt with in an iterative way
Learning and Communicating• use and communication of analytical reporting.
• learning exercises for review
• encourage a learning culture

Learn in a way that suits your situation.

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Course Dates

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Application Deadline
17 Oct 2021 - 2 Dec 2022
10 Oct 2022

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I really enjoyed the participatory training methods such as social mapping and well-being mapping. I am excited I’m not only going to use these powerful techniques in M&E but also in decision making too.
Kefilwe Lekoba, Ministry of Education
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The training is organised in a way that professionals are pulled together in a ‘synergy’ and therefore provide an atmosphere for optimum learning for everyone. Attended Development Planning and Management, Bangkok
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