Remote Participatory Video

Participatory video captures what surveys, questionnaires and bar charts fail to communicate: the human stories and voices of the people. There is an increasing need to listen to these voices and have them visualised for a deeper understanding and learning of monitoring, evaluation and learning processes. People’s emotions touch on and make a difference in decision-making processes, a report disappears in the drawer.

Why choose this course?

This Remote Participatory Video (RPV) online course is a 3-week programme specifically designed for key personnel in NGOs, government, UN agencies and private sector organisations.

Participants will experience and learn how to facilitate a remote participatory video process. The online training will be very practical; each week will follow a cycle of learning by doing, feedback and reflection. By the end of the training, participants will have completed a participatory film that is ready to be shared for an online screening event.

Four men using a smartphone to record and interview

Through a mix of practical activities, theory and case examples you will learn how to:

• Jointly develop a story online using knowledge about the process of remote participatory video

• Gain insight on where and how you can apply remote participatory video in complex environments, where stories provide awareness, profound meaning, and in-depth understanding for the monitoring and evaluation process

• Facilitate a remote participatory video-making process

You will also complete a participatory film that is ready to be shared for an online screening.


Introduction• review of the working context
• motivations and introduction to remote participatory video
• people centred approaches
Story selection• developing a story
• selection of a joint topic and the first stage of script development
• techniques, kick off practicals and research
Story development• review of practicals and research
• finalising script development
• practicals in interview techniques
• assignments for shooting videos
Review• reviewing the first footage
• joint editing and dialogue
• assignments for additional shooting and recoding
Finalisation• review of the first draft film and planning for final screening
• how and when to apply in the work situation
• evaluation of the PV process

Learn in a way that suits your situation.

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Course Dates

This course is currently only available as a tailored training for organisations, please get in touch to find out more.

Your questions answered

Are our training courses accredited?

As a training provider our trainings are accredited by HPass. We are also a member of The Continuing Professional Development Certification Service. Find out more about our accreditation here.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes. We offer a 20% discount if you have been on one of our scheduled or Tailored Training courses before, and a discount for organisations who make a group booking.

How do I enroll on an online IMA course?

1: Go to ’’Training’’ , select a course: you can read more about the course here and you can find the application form by clicking on ’’Apply”

2: Send in your application form.

3: IMA’s team will process this within 3 days and send you a confirmation email and invoice, Learning Needs Statement form for you to return before the course starts (this helps our facilitators understand your learning needs) and the Terms and Conditions.

4: Pay your course fee according to the sent invoice.

5: The course is confirmed and the joining instructions are sent one week before the training starts.

I don’t have a sponsor or funding. What should I do?

Most of our participants are sponsored by their organisation. If you do not have a sponsor, you will need to find what funding streams are available to you. Although we look for ways to help participants with the course fees, we regret we are currently not able to offer any form of sponsorship or funding.

What experience do I need to join one of your courses?

Nearly all our training participants work in international development. This includes working for a government, a private company, a non-government organisation, multilateral organisation, a smaller local projects or programme, or as a freelance consultant.

What is included in the online course fees?

Included in the course fee is: tuition (online learning platform, group work, one-to one support throughout), resources and training materials that can be downloaded from our online learning platform, 1 to 1 mentoring session with your trainers 3 months after the training, access to the course and materials for 6 months.

What is the IMA training style?

IMA’s training style is participatory and interactive using a blend of short informative lectures and group work.  Throughout the courses we give participants opportunities to share experiences, exchange ideas and network with other development practitioners.

Who are your facilitators?

Our course facilitators are expert development practitioners. Their skills and experience come from doing training and consultancy work around the world with different organisations. With expertise grounded in practical experience, we guarantee our training is relevant and up-to-date to the needs of our participants.

Will I get certification?

You will receive a certificate on completion of the course, having fulfilled all the course requirements.

Who is the sponsor?

Your sponsor is the person who authorises payment of the course fees. This is usually your manager or training manager. You need to put their contact details on our application form so we know your organisation has authorised your course fees and supports your application. Once we have reviewed your application, your sponsor will need to send us official confirmation of sponsorship.

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From the South African team, we would like to thank everyone for the awesome time we had together on the Impact Assessment course.
Bonginkosi G. Mamba, Deputy Director
, Department of Trade & Industry, Impact Assessment Unit (IAU)
Well done! Let’s be in touch and explore ways for constructive cooperation. MSDSP can become a strong partner for IMA to reflect on, develop new and make training courses more and more relevant to the real needs of development.
Kishwar Adbulalishwer
, MSDSP funded by Aga Khan Development Network

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