Sustainable Finance

You will learn to use the techniques in your own organisation and with partners, to see better decision-making and programme impact. Each module includes a range of tools and materials to use in your organisation’s activities. When you complete the course, you will receive the book Building Financial Management Capacity for NGOs and Community Organisations, written by John Cammack.

Why choose this course?

The Sustainable Finance course is a 6-module online programme designed for managers and other staff who need to use financial skills in their work, but are not trained accountants. They may be working internationally in NGOs, government, UN agencies or private sector. We start with the basics and build a thorough working knowledge of financial management in international development organisations. You gain the practical skills not only to know how the numbers are calculated, but also how to use financial information and systems in decision-making.

Join our experienced facilitators, and together with a peer group you will learn using a mix of participatory, practical activities, theory and case examples and by sharing your knowledge and experiences.

You will learn how to:

• apply financial management within different settings using interactive case studies and examples

• plan and monitor budgets, using financial information to make good decisions

• assess and set up robust financial systems, and manage the expectations of donors for project funding and financial reporting


Budgeting• using budgets and cash flow to make the future more certain and sustainable.
Financial sustainability and resilience• implementing strategic financial management by, for example, managing core costs and organisational savings, and building a financially resilient organisation.
Implementation of financial controls• building an anti-fraud plan, identifying weaknesses and implementing controls to make your organisation ‘fit for funding’.
Sustainable accounting records and statements• recognising how audits help build financial resilience; identifying key figures from financial statements to provide a ‘snapshot’ of an organisation’s health and to aid decision-making.
Communicating finance effectively• creating effective internal and external financial communication to build relationships and achieve greater programme impact and sustainability.
Partners financial capacity building• building strong organisational capacity for your partners, by identifying systems and processes needed at different times, and confidently interacting with a partner about its finances.

Learn in a way that suits your situation.

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Course Dates

This course will be available online later this year and is currently available as a tailored training for organisations, please get in touch to find out more.

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As a training provider we are accredited by British Accreditation Council (BAC). This accreditation is recognised worldwide by agents and government officials as a clear indication of educational quality. We are inspected annually to ensure our high levels of training and facilitation are maintained.

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I am very happy to participate in your knowledge management training. It is really helpful and it gave me direction, and where I should step ahead. I have a clear picture now. I am looking forward to bringing positive changes in my organisation. Thank you Silvia – thank you IMA.
Kanchan Mulmi
I really enjoyed the programme. It’s actualy experience sharing, very educative and motivating, with participants from diverse races.
Rilwanu Usman Argugun
, Bernin Kebbi University

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