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We are going to Aidex and Development 2030 next week!

We are excited to announce that IMA International is going to Aidex and Development2030 next week! The event will be organised in Brussels, Belgium between the 16th-17th November and we look forward to meeting many of you who came to our courses previously, are interested in one of them or just would like to share some ideas with us.

Aidex is the largest international event for those working in the development and humanitarian sector. It enables everyone attending to build their networks and new partnerships, and discuss challenging topics on panel discussions, workshops or even in coffee breaks.

Just as on our open courses, this event as well brings professionals together in one space to share knowledge, exchange experiences, practices and come up with ideas how we can come together and improve the efficiency of aid. With an ever-increasing pressure to ensure the global public and governments worldwide continue to support overseas development assistance, it is imperative for the international community to adapt to the changing landscape if we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. It is our goal at IMA to understand more through conversations how the aid architecture is changing with different actors, funding streams and practices to make sure our training courses are up to date and respond to the needs of development and humanitarian workers.

Why are we exhibiting?

At IMA with our training services, we seek to support practitioners and organisations in adopting new skills and tools to make their work more effective, efficient, and long lasting. However, reduced budgets for development and humanitarian assistance poses not only the question how the most vulnerable will be supported by organisations to bring about change in their communities, but also to what extent organisations and practitioners have access to opportunities to improve their practices to serve others. We hope to gain a better understanding on how practitioners and decision-makers` work will be affected, what are the key skills and knowledge people and organisations look for and what are the latest innovations in the sector. We trust that new ideas, practices, technologies, innovations and debates on challenges will help us to improve ourselves so we can support others working with the most vulnerable globally!

We hope to see you or your colleagues and friends attending the conference at stand B72!

Olivia and Petra

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