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What can you achieve collectively with colleagues in two days?

Well, in the case of Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) in the Netherlands a lot, with support from us.  Twenty CTA project staff got the chance to stand back from their to-do list for two days and immerse themselves in a two day workshop on the concept of Theory of Change (TOC) and results based management.  The first half day started with reviewing their logframe in what we call a logframe repair workshop. The staff then got the chance to reflect on and be introduced to our classic Theory of Change workshop and power analysis. CTA staff collectively identified what their main challenge or problem is and used the core components of TOC* to explain how and why their desired change is expected to happen.  The workshop was particularly useful as CTA were finalising their results logframe ready for presenting to a donor for further funding.  *What are the core components of a TOC? 1.  Define a Desired Change (what and for whom) 2. Analysis of the eco-system and the current situation 3 . Define Conditions for Change 4. Map pathways of change and strategic options (Contribution to Change) 5. The assumptions that underly our Theory of Change 6. Monitoring, evaluation and learning framework and process  

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